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Sites over which we have collected data or plan to collect data include:

  • UAF test/calibration site (August 2015: original flight plan: 1.4 Mb).
  • Yukon flats wetland site for proof-of-concept study (September 2015: original flight plan: 4.1 Mb).
  • Nebesna and Tok mineral exploration sites (flight lines for summer 2017: in planning).


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We have released the sample dataset we collected researchers to test the data quality or use for educational and non-commercial use. If you are interested in partnering with our team in hyperspectral data processing, data interpretation, or in any other aspect of our research, we encourage you to contact us by phone or email.

  • Sample airborne HySpex dataset (all bands) from Yukon Flats, Alaska (applications: wetlands, soil, inland water, and arctic vegetation mapping) (zipped data: 55.7 Mb).
  • Sample fieldbased HySpex dataset (spectrally binned to 200 bands) from an abandoned quarry near Murphy Dome, Alaska (application: mineral mapping) (zipped data: 19.6 Mb).


tab_left LST datasets for article in 'Data' tab_right

These Land Surface Temperature (LST) datasets are associated with the article entitled "A new integrated high-latitude thermal and hyperspectral laboratory for characterization of land surface processes in Alaska's Arctic and boreal regions" submitted for publication in the Journal Data. Derived LST data for the study site for each processed date is provided in two different formats: Geotiff and MiraMon, dowloadable as a zipped file (extension .rar) by clicking on the links in the table below.

LST Geotiff LST MiraMon
16/06/2009 16/06/2009
03/08/2009 03/08/2009
14/09/2010 14/09/2010
12/05/2011 12/05/2011
13/04/2012 13/04/2012
06/05/2012 06/05/2012
10/08/2012 10/08/2012
25/05/2013 25/05/2013
26/06/2013 26/06/2013
28/07/2013 28/07/2013


tab_left For download tab_right
  • HyLab logo (png 80 Kb; original ai: 269 Kb).
  • HyLab wall paper for your computer (jpg: 313 Kb).
  • HyLab GI-style rack card for printing (pdf: 2.1 Mb).
  • Hypercube full resolution graphics from Yukon Flats dataset. Image credits: Marcel Buchhorn, UAF HyLab (View-1 tiff: 1.7 Mb; View-2 tiff: 1.6 Mb).
  • Screenshot of medium-resolution natural-color mosaic of Yukon Flat Site A (jpg: 1.4 Mb).


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