UAF Hylab
UAF HyLab: Field instrumentation
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Fully unpacked PSR+ pointing spectrometer from Spectral Evolution. Photo by Marcel BuchhornHyLab houses two field spectrometers: An old ASD Fieldspec and a new PSR+ from Spectral Evolution. The ASD unit is now unsuitable for reliable field operations as it is very old and the fiber opics are giving up. However, the unit is still good for simple demonstrations and for training in classrooms.

In the PSR+ three separate detectors measure the full spectrum UV-VIS-NIR (350nm - 2500nm) with a one-touch operation. The unit is less than 7 lbs in weight, can operate on lithium-iron rechargable batteries, and uses a Windows-based laptop or blue-tooth compatiable personal digital assistant (PDA) for recording the spectral measurements.

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HySpex field deployment. Photo by Marcel BuchhornThe Hyspex instrument is also configured for in-situ/field scanning. This capability bridges the scales between direct field spectroscopic measurements (eg. using a PSR+ or an ASD field spectrometer) and airborne hyperspectral data. In-situ imaging capabilities also support research training, and are important for teaching and outreach activities.

For field use the two HS cameras are mounted on an automated rotation stage affixed to a surveyors-grade tripod. In this configuration, acquisition of horizontal swaths of HS data are possible for targets at a distance of ~5 meters to hundredís meters. A rugged, field portable data acquisition unit is used to control the rotation stage and cameras during in-situ imaging.

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