NSF MRI grant
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The National Science Foundation (NSF) Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program, funded the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), to establish hyperspectral imaging capabilities in the State of Alaska (NSF Proposal number 1338193). The cognizant program directors for this MRI have been Dr. Marco Tedesco and Dr. Neil R. Swanberg. The MRI enables UAF to establish a new capability in airborne hyperspectral imaging that has not previously existed, and inherently opens doors to new basic and applied research, and research training.


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UAF is America's Arctic University and the principal research campus in the State. The capability to acquire new hyperspectral imaging data sets with no dependencies on external agencies and without large contractual overheads associated with bringing in services from out-of-state organizations, gives applied science researchers a competitive edge that UAF has not had previously. The potential to collect new data sets over established long-term ecological research sites in Alaska, through affiliation and funding leveraged from our collaborating team, is very exciting. The instrument complements and enhances the existing capabilities and research expertise in remote sensing at UAF.


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Nation-wide, a few airborne hyperspectral imaging facilities exist but they are all outside Alaska. Practical, logistical, and financial barriers to the regular deployment of airborne hyperspectral imaging systems in Alaska has resulted in only a few campaigns in Alaska, of the thousands flown. Therefore, Alaska has been lagging in making use of this important technique for basic and applied research in areas of resource exploration and ecological studies. HyLab provides the needed in-state capability for hyperspectral image acquisition and processing, especially to support education, training, research, and to serve the needs of Alaskan communities.

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